01484 711 054 Mill Royd Street, Brighouse, Yorkshire, HD6 1EY

Bought a used car from Quarterbridge that turned out to have an intermittent problem. They kept at it until it was fixed. They got a top notch engineer to track down the fault and fix it. The car runs well now so very happy with my purchase. At the end of the day any car can have a fault and you only find out how good any warranties are when things go wrong. I didn’t get fobbed off at Quaterbridge, and they really went out of their way to get things sorted. They’re very friendly and open in their approach to selling cars, no hard sell etc, and from my experience I can only say goods things about the service. Next time I want to buy a car I’ll take a look at what they’ve got in stock first since I know it’ll be as near to risk free as makes no difference.